Meer ruimte voor Pascal Processing en Food Tech Brainport

23 March 2021

The food processing industry in Helmond continues to grow. That is why we are expanding. At the end of 2020, the construction started on a new "Food Tech building" where, in addition to Pascal Processing, start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs from the food industry can find a place to grow". The new building is 3,500 m2 in size. “With this new building, both Pascal Processing and Food Tech Brainport can continue to grow,” says Jasper van Altena, managing director of Pascal Processing.

Pascal Processing preserves 25 tons of food under very high water pressure every day. This process is called pascalisation. As a result, the shelf life of fresh products, such as juices, guacamole, pesto, meat products, etc.,  extends. Due to the rapidly growing demand for this technology, expansion is needed. And there is not enough room for it in the current building.  Pascal Processing therefore started the construction of a new building at the end of 2020.

Ambitions to grow 
According to Jos de Boer, managing director of Food Tech Brainport, the capacity of the current building is slowly but surely reaching its ceiling: “We are getting more and more questions from smaller food processors (start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs) for technology and production areas. They need to be able to test and scale up in a professional environment.  At this moment we need to say no due to a lack of space". Jasper van Altena, managing director of Pascal Processing, but also committed as a food technologist to Food Tech Brainport, adds: “Our growth, but certainly the growth of the entire eco-system, requires expansion of test and production areas. We are pleased that we were able to achieve this in collaboration with, among others, the Municipality of Helmond, Rabobank, and the Regional Development Fund (ROW). Rabobank is closely involved in the food industry and Food Tech Brainport as a partner, but also as a financier. The aim of the ROW is to give existing work locations a quality impulse and thus contribute to the regional economy. An important condition for the ROW to contribute financially is the fact that other start-ups and companies can also use the building, the knowledge and the network that is present. 

Room for start-ups
The extra square meters are not only intended to facilitate the growth of Pascal Processing. The new building also offers opportunities for "fresh" start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs from the food processing industry, who are looking for a "food grade" production location. Both in the current building and in the new building of Pascal Processing. The new building is expected to be ready mid-2021.

About Food Tech Brainport
About 8 years ago, Food Tech Brainport was established on the Scheepsboulevard in Helmond. A place where innovative technologies, market demand and talent development come together to work on our food of today and tomorrow. "Without waste healthy food for everyone", that is the aim of Food Tech Brainport and the companies based at the location in Helmond. We offer room for companies and initiatives within the food sector who have a focus on innovative food processing technologies, the reduce of food waste, more efficiently use of raw materials, shelf life extension and to unlock technological knowledge for the food processing industry.








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