Food Processing companies now a days face a number of challenges :

·         Motivated workforce for the production is becoming scarcer, while labour costs are increasing;

·         Increased competition in the industry enforces low pricing;

·         A safe and agreeable working environment, eliminating repetitive monotonous work becomes more important to keep your workforce and to attract new workforce.

These challenges, market size and often harsh working conditions in the food processing industry present a formidable challenge to food processing companies.

The food processing industry has a number of specific characteristics that are crucial in the development and design requirements. For example, hygiene plays a major and very important role in this sector. Design, but also choice of materials are decisive here. The cleaning process, often with chemical means, also influences the choices in the design process. The sector also is in need of flexible deployment of (collaborative) robots, for use in multiple production lines or processes.

The COTEMACO project supports food processors in entering the field of flexible automation of food processing. This is facilitated through the field lab Smart Food Processing at Food Tech Brainport in Helmond that provides insight into the technical possibilities through a hands-on experience for entrepreneurs in food processing. Based on these inspiring demonstrators, COTEMACO offers opportunities for further familiarisation with flexible automation and for exploring possible implementations in their specific business situation.

Are you working in the food processing industry and are interested in the possibilities of automating processes within your company?

Register yourself for one of our awareness sessions on Cobots and digital automation for food processors and get inspired in our field lab Smart Food Processing.

Or contact John de Groot (, project manager COTEMACO at Food Tech Brainport.

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