"Without waste, healthy food for anyone" is Food Tech Brainport's dream. We have built an eco-system of food processing companies, technology providers and knowledge institutes. We work with a wide range of (international) companies and we are building clusters around topics like:

  • Protein transition;
  • Total use of raw materials;
  • Food and ingredient innovation;
  • Smart food processing;
  • Food safety;
  • and many more.

We offer organizations the option to become member of the Food Tech Brainport community. Membership is available for pro-active companies working towards more sustainable food systems. Please apply if you answer yes to below questions:

  • Are you active in food processing?
  • Would you like to co-operate with other organizations towards more sustainable food systems?
  • Would you like to contribute pro-actively in one or more clusters around technologies, side streams, valorization, etc.?
  • Do you see added value in working together as a group of organizations rather than individual companies?

If you have answered yes and you are recommended by one of the other members please apply?

Membership benefits include:

  • Member of the Food Tech Brainport eco-system and access to our vast network of companies, knowledge institutes, and relations;
  • 6 times per year an exclusive newsletter;
  • Participation in one or more clusters;
  • Quarterly (breakfast) session and access to events;
  • Discount at office facilities, test facilities, and event facilities at Food Tech Brainport;
  • Access to and participation at challenges with students (amongst others HAS, Fontys).

To cover the general expenses of Food Tech Brainport we ask for a fee based on your company size. To secure quality of our services we have limited the number of companies per company size:

  • Start-up (1-2 employees- max. 2 years after start) €500 annum, (Max. 10 members);
  • 1-10 employees €1.500 annum, (Max. 15 members);
  • 11-25 employees €2.500 annum, (Max. 15 members);
  • 26-100 employees €3.500 annum, (Max 15 members);
  • 101-250 employees €5.000 annum, (Max. 10 members);
  • Corporate >250 employees €7.500 annum, (Max 10 members).


To cover the general expenses of Food Tech Brainport we ask for a fee based on your company size. Please indicate the size of your company?

Company size