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SFI Sustainable Food Initiative

The Sustainable Food Initiative aims to harness the full potential of all agricultural products to create a new generation of sustainable, safe, nutritious and delicious products while reducing the total footprint to zero by 2050. Sufficient, safe, healthy, sustainable and climate resilient food with a zero carbon footprint by 2050. That’s the goal. To achieve this, a systemic leap has to be made in food production and processing.

The Sustainable Food Initiative (SFI) is looking for new approaches to respond to the major challenges we face in food production: because of the changes in demographics, in the climate, in the way we resource use and the way our cultures change, new ways need to be explored to produce enough high quality food for a growing world population. At the same time, the ecosystem for food production must be protected.

Food Tech Brainport and the Sustainable Food Initiative are a good match in terms of mission and vision. That is why we are also a partner of the SFI to jointly tackle the challenges we face (globally).

SFI Sustainable Food Initiative

Cooperation with FTB:

The Sustainable Food Initiative is a network partner of Food Tech Braniport and we work closely together within the public-private partnership on 100% valorization.

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