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Having great ideas to become more sustainable, to be become more effective, to market products faster? We offer SME's and large food processing companies playgrounds and up-scaling options using innovative technologies. Most SME's cannot afford expertise and technology investments, large corporations are looking for flexibility. If you have projects within our expertise areas or would like to test one of our technologies please contact us!  What steps do you need to take from pilot to production? And how do you ensure your product enjoys a successful market launch? Food Tech Brainport helps businesses to use new technologies in the food sector faster and better. 


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Food Tech Brainport proved to be the right partner who could help take our innovation to the next level. The innovation brokers have brought us into contact with new development partners, and we're now working together with them to find out new ways of creating new products with raw materials from citrus peels!

PeelPioneers Lindy Hensen, founder at PeelPioneers

Thanks to Food Tech Brainport's specific advice and customer focus, we’ve been able to market delicious products that taste home-made and are free of preservatives., producer of the ‘Groentegoed’ label Albert van der Veen, sales department at, producer of the ‘Groentegoed’ label

Food Tech Brainport is a great partner to work with. Their innovation brokers are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and are ready to share their input! Food Tech Brainport's work really got Oatelli's application for the “Food From Food” project off the ground.

Oatelli Marloes Martens, founder at Oatelli

The knowledge and experience Food Tech Brainport provided us with years ago has helped us to develop our unique range of fresh Guacamole and other fresh dips. For example, we can process fresh avocados using the HPP technique for our Guacamole.

Lazy Foods Ron van der Vloed, owner at Lazy Foods
Samen tegen voedeselverspilling Sustainable Food Initiative Brainport

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