Talent and education

Talent and education

Food Tech Brainport works closely with research and educational institutions. We currently work together with: HAS Hogeschool, Fontys Hogescholen, Yuverta (formerly: Helicon), Wageningen University and Research, Technasium and Keep Food Simple. Read more about the opportunities it offers you as an entrepreneur!

The intensive collaboration with education results in the following:

Themes in the field of sustainable food are fleshed out.

Knowledge is being developed and shared.

Practical education.

We bring talent to the sector.

In collaboration with HAS University of Applied Sciences, we have joined forces to develop an application center for sustainable food processing (ACSF) with a focus on 100% valorization and longer shelf life. The ACSF focuses on applied research and valorization of mild food processing technologies, i.e. energy efficient with minimal impact. Think of high pressure pascalization (HPP), radiomagnetic freezing (RMF), pulsating electric fields (PEF), membrane separation and thin film vacuum drying.

The intensive collaboration with education ensures that we find a better connection with each other, the market and the market forces. It also offers students an entry to the business world and allows practical questions from the business community to better connect with education. 

Success stories:

Masterclass – International Food & Agribusiness

How can innovative technologies contribute to a better food and agricultural system? That’s what we discussed with IFA students from the HAS Green Academy.

Inspiring Future Generations

How do we inspire the next generation of employees to work in the food industry?

Masterclass Innovative Technologies

After the successful masterclass ‘Innovative Process Technologies’ for Food Technology students of the HAS University of Applied Sciences last September, the second edition has been organized again this year. This masterclass was held on location at Food Tech Brainport, the bustling place where technology, knowledge and food come together.

Bringing creativity and knowledge into practice

We welcome students on a regular basis. We link students to a technology and get to work with an issue. One of the students is Elise Schutjes. She is busy creating healthier ice cream and fruit ice cream. It uses RMF technology: an innovative freezing technology. She shares her experiences!

Opportunities for entrepreneurs​

Are you a producer in the food processing industry and do you want to contribute to a more sustainable future? Or are you curious about the opportunities to develop your food company sustainably with the fresh perspective of students? Students are happy to tackle your challenge with our guidance.

As a partner of Food Tech Brainport, you can benefit from the intensive collaboration we have with research and educational institutions. Contact us for more information.

Opportunities for students​

Our collaboration with the various research and educational institutions makes it possible for students to learn from and contribute to issues that currently affect business through applied research.

Looking for an internship or graduation place? Or do you want to know more about our collaboration with education? Get in touch!

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