Our organization

Our organization

Food Tech Brainport consists of the Food Tech Brainport Foundation and Food Tech Brainport BV. The foundation is 100% shareholder of the BV. Food Tech Brainport has a social function and as a whole no profit motive. The team is ready to connect the food processing industry to technology and knowledge. In this way we contribute to our mission: without waste, healthy food for everyone.

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Our team members

Takes care of the finances
Links (residual) flows to ingredients
Connects the industry with research and government
Connects the industry with high tech and data
Connects the industrie with research & education

Board members

Member of the board Food Tech Brainport Foundation | Director Van Rijsingen Green
Member of the board Food Tech Brainport Foundation | Owner Bodec Process Technology
Links the Brainport region to the industry | Projectmanager Brainport Development
Advisor supervisory board Food Tech Brainport BV | Chairman of the Board Banking for Food Rabobank East-Brabant
Advisor to the board of Food Tech Brainport | Alderman Economy and Innovation
Member supervisory board Food Tech Brainport BV | Manager New Business AAE BV
Member supervisory board Food Tech Brainport BV | Commercial Director Huijbregts Group
Boardmember Food Tech Brainport Foundation | Board member Fontys University
Board member Food Tech Brainport Foundation | Chairman of the board of HAS University

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