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BeefyGreen is the fairest alternative to meat. 100% natural, 100% pure and 100% a quality product. BeefyGreen loves good food but is also on a mission! More and more consumers want to live and eat healthier and, above all, more consciously. This change also includes a search for alternatives. The shift that is currently taking place in living and eating habits provides a wide range of new opportunities and tasteful quality products. BeefyGreen has opted for oyster mushrooms in those alternatives. Or rather oyster mushroom feet (or stems) of the best quality and hand selected oyster mushrooms.

The natural structure of the oyster mushroom is fantastic in the base. As a result, BeefyGreen is able to create the same taste sensation as meat with minimal processing, for almost all recipes and preparation methods.

BeefyGreen fits perfectly within the Food Tech Brainport philosophy. BeefyGreen is a company that anticipates on the one hand the transition in the lifestyle and eating habits of consumers and connects this to the large residual flow of oyster mushroom feet. A win-win situation because they were able to convert the semi-finished products that BeefyGreen makes into a revenue model. BeefyGreen has been part of the Food from Food program and we can now closely follow the developments they are going through, because they are located at Food Tech Brainport. We are happy to support these types of innovative start-up and scale-up companies. Why? Because they and we want to make a substantial contribution to reducing our food waste by half by 2030.


Cooperation with FTB:

Wij hielpen Beefy Green met conceptontwikkeling en de ontwikkeling van het bedrijf.

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