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Bodec is the expert in process optimization for the food industry and was founded in 1994 by Frank de Boeff and Paul Deckers. For more than a quarter of a century they have been able to translate new, innovative possibilities and opportunities in the field of process technology into practice. They supervise an entire process from A to Z: from design and modeling to engineering and production. They offer practical, concrete and innovative solutions. By exchanging knowledge within a broad network, Bodec is able to deploy the latest techniques.

You cannot innovate and develop new technologies alone. R&D projects require a lot of research and support. That is why Bodec works closely with partners such as TNO and Wageningen Food & Biobased Research and other knowledge institutions. The power of Bodec? This is in the field of scaling up, design and the start-up of a factory and/or production line.

Bodec is one of the first residents of Food Tech Brainport. With Bodec as a partner, we give substance to the theme '100% valorization'. Within the Bodec environment, we are able to have entrepreneurs find out which technology best suits the issue that an entrepreneur has. Is that a traditional technology? Or an innovative one? In addition, we have participated with Bodec in several projects such as the Provincial 'Makel Schakel' program. Bodec is our partner in the field of valorization and upscaling issues.


Cooperation with FTB:

Bodec is our partner in the field of valorisation and upscaling issues.

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