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Fontys has more than a hundred different courses. This means that there is something for everyone that meets his or her wishes. In addition, each study program has its own unique professional context, its own curriculum and its own way of offering education. This diversity is Fontys’ strength. No one knows better how to convey a trade than professionals from that field. In addition, Fontys works according to the five ‘principles of learning’:

Fontys challenges students to discover their talents and to develop them to the fullest. Learning takes place as much as possible in an authentic learning environment (a situation that ‘resembles’ the later work environment). Learning is acquiring knowledge and skills together, researching together and experiencing together. Fontys means that ‘together’ literally: together with fellow students, lecturers, researchers and professionals from the field.

The student is ‘owner’ of his own learning process. In other words: as a student you get as much influence as possible on what, how and when you learn. This not only means that students get a lot of autonomy and freedom; they are also given a strong personal responsibility. Studyability is key. This means that there is a good balance between challenge and feasibility.

Since 2019, the collaboration with Fontys has been intensified. This means that we have agreed cooperation frameworks with Fontys with defined research lines. With this collaboration we offer students a place where they can learn practical assignments from the professional field in an authentic environment. In this way we contribute to preparing students for their career in the food processing industry.


Cooperation with FTB:

We have been working closely with Fontys since 2019 to enable students to learn in a practical environment with the latest technologies in the field of food processing.

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