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Food Design Solutions

Food Design Solutions was founded in 2014 and focuses on innovative products and services for the food processing industry. Food Design Solutions management has over 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing food processing equipment/applications and designing food processing plants. Their focus is innovative products, applications and services in the fields of hygiene, food safety, quality control, line efficiency, automation, advice and support. The result they always strive for? Cost reduction. Food Design Solutions is happy to help identify ‘sweet spots’ to see how a company can optimize and how weaknesses can be turned into opportunities.

Food Design Solutions has been located at the Food Tech Brainport location for some time now. With our ever-growing number of residents, we can continue to expand our in-house knowledge range. We are very pleased that Food Design Solutions has chosen the location of Food Tech Brainport to establish itself.


Food Design Solutions

Cooperation with FTB:

Food Design Solutions is a resident at the Food Tech Brainport location and falls under the technology provider category.

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