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Paulusse Bedrijfsopleidingen

The food industry cannot do without well-trained operators. The demand for operators is high. The activities of the operators have been changing under the influence of ongoing robotisation. Tomorrow’s operator will need different skills than yesterday’s operator.
Because processes are literally less transparent, it is all the more important that an operator understands what is happening in the equipment. The right knowledge and skills ensure that an operator is in control of his workplace. Flexible training at the workplace is a solution to make operators quickly employable at a (re)new(ed) workplace.

Paulusse bedrijfsopleidingen is specialized in workplace training for the food industry. They secure knowledge for companies and make this available by means of on-site workplace training. The employees are able to complete the workplace training courses completely independently. Because a fully-trained colleague may supervise the process so workplace training can take place at any time. Offering qualitative and highly instructive workplace training courses to present and future employees in the food industry, that is what Paulusse bedrijfsopleidingen is all about!

Paulusse Bedrijfsopleidingen


Cooperation with FTB:

Paulusse bedrijfsopleidingen is a discussion partner for thinking along about sustainable solutions to secure knowledge within the company and to offer a growth path for (new) operators.

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