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Provincie Noord Brabant

In Brabant, people think outside the box. Not with the cards to the chest but on the table. In Brabant we do business together and openly. Pleasure and success are inextricably linked. This unique combination forms the basis of Brabant’s success. The DNA of Brabant was not invented but evolved over the course of history.

The food processing industry in Brabant is large. That is why the Province has been investing heavily in the agri and food sector for many years now. Programs in which we have participated in the past include the Makel Schakel program. At the moment, the Province makes it possible for us to realize our food processing facility and we are part of the food innovation agenda to realize and stimulate innovations in the food chain.

The Province of Noord-Brabant enables us, together with the municipality of Helmond, to grow into an independent organization in the coming years. They do this, among other things, through a financial contribution. Thanks to funding from the Province, it will be possible to realize the Test Factory in the coming years and we will be sitting around the table to help shape and flesh out the Province’s food innovation agenda.

Provincie Noord Brabant

Cooperation with FTB:

The core values ​​and policy of the Province make it possible for Food Tech Brainport to help entrepreneurs move forward and to seize opportunities when it comes to sustainable and healthy food. All this in order to achieve a future-proof food processing industry in the future.

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