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RMF Europe BV

Freezing food has been a great way to preserve food for decades. But there are certainly some drawbacks to today’s freezing standards. One of those drawbacks is the formation of crystals from water. These expand water and also pierce the cell membranes causing degradation and droplet loss. Droplet loss can be up to 10% of the original mass of the product. Also, substances in a cell that are normally protected from the environment by the membrane can now come into contact with oxygen. Discoloration, oxidation and difference in taste are the result of this. But just as important is the constant loss of quality when using the current standard of Individual Quick Freezin (IQF). It significantly reduces the value of high-quality and high-quality fresh products.

That is why RMF Europe has brought the Radio Magnetic Freezing Technology to Helmond (RMF). The effect of RMF on products is astonishing. The drop loss described above is counteracted and discoloration, oxidation and loss of taste are also reduced. Finally, RMF can save 20% on energy bills as opposed to normal freezing. This is because the water does not expand.

At Food Tech Brainport we want to be able to offer the widest possible range of food processing technologies for the food processing industry. This is to experience which technology best suits the issues of a company. With the arrival of RMF Europe, we are also able to provide added value in the field of freezing.

RMF Europe BV

Cooperation with FTB:

RMF Europe's technology is offered in our food processing facility.

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