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Upprinting Food

Upprinting Food turns residual flows into an experience. She developed a technique for 3D printing food based on residual flows that are often thrown away for aesthetic value. With the application of 3D printing technology, that aesthetic value is added again and an attractive product is created again. Upprinting Food developed a unique recipe to not only achieve the right consistency for printing, but also to obtain a shelf-stable product. Her target group includes restaurant chefs who want to get started with 3D printing food. A number of restaurants now have a 3D printer.

Upprinting Food is continuously working on innovations. In collaboration with Food Tech Brainport and other partners from the Food From Food project, Upprinting Food has developed edible paper. Not just any paper, but one that changes shape when it reacts with an acidic solution. This way a unique dining experience can be created.

Upprinting Food

Cooperation with FTB:

Within the Food from Food project, Food Tech helped Brainport Upprinting Food to develop and expand the product portfolio.

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