Left over apple pulp, carrot skins or oyster mushroom feet? Offer your residual flows in the FOX food processing app!

6 April 2021

In the foodchain from farm to fork, we loose 1/3 of our food. The question is; how can we work with farmers, food processors and consumers to combat this food waste? That is the challenge that we are facing. In the FOX - Food processing in a Box app, we bring all parties in the foodchain together to combat waste together. Are you a farmer or horticulturist and do you want a total use of your fruit and vegetables? Join us! 

When pressing apples for apple juice, the pulp that is left over is often thrown away.  Supermarkets sell pre-cut vegetables but the peels are waste.  These are two examples of food waste that Toine Hultermans of Food Tech Brainport wants to combat with the new FOX app. "In this app, farmers can also offer their residual flows in addition to their products. For example, the app is not only a new sales channel for products to consumers, food processors can also take over residual flows from farmers to develop new food products. In addition, the app provides information about new processing technologies. For example, peppers that do not have the correct shape or are broken can be used for paprika juice or dried paprika powder. And new meat substitutes can be made from nut pressed pulp. This is how we fully utilize our food, instead of wasting parts. "

Vegetable burgers made from oyster mushroom feet 

One of the participating food processors is Beefy Green from Helmond. They use oyster mushroom feet that remain as a residual product after the harvest off the mushrooms. They make a 100% vegetable hamburger from it. Farmers can offer all their products as well as residual flows (which are still suitable for consumption) on the app. Depending on availability, composition and quantity, we can look for possible new applications. Toine emphasizes: "There are no costs associated with participation. Our goal is to bring parties together. What a residual flow is for one party is the start of a new product for another.  The app helps us to gain insight into residual steaming, but it also shows where we stand in this challenge. "After all,  a big part of the food waste takes place in the consumer's kitchen. To help that consumer, Food Tech Brainport also adds recipes to the app. "This way a consumer can see what is possible with all the parts of the broccoli he bought from one of the affiliated farmers. And so we prevent the stump from being thrown away unused. "

Stop food waste and join us!

The FOX app is currently under development and will be launched in July of this year. More information can be found on the FOX website.

  • Are you a horticulturist  or open ground grower and are you looking for a new sales channel?
  • Are you a farmer and do you want to use your food for 100%?
  • Are you a food processor and do you want to use residual flowsOr do you want to help prevent food waste?

Please contact Toine Hultermans on 06 - 15179809 or project manager from Het Innovatiehuis Liza Simons. 

* This message originally appeared on the website of Het Innovatiehuis. (Dutch only)

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