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Resident in the spotlight: Food Design Solutions

Food Design Solutions, established in 2014, focuses on innovative products and services for the food processing industry. The founders of Food Design Solutions have more than 40 years of experience in food processing equipment design and manufacturing and food processing plant design.

The core business of Food Design Solutions?

Food Design Solutions advises companies in the food sector on improving processes. They support companies and offer technology around hygiene, food safety, quality control, line efficiency and automation.

Food Design Solutions turns weaknesses into opportunities! Over the years, the company has noticed that, in addition to standard products, there is a strong need for non-standard products and applications that maximize efficiency and minimize production costs. For this, Food Design Solutions works together with various technology partners such as DSI Dantech Freezing systems, Motis Food Sytems and Jimco uv-c ozone technology.

The chicken and the egg… some Food Design Solutions success stories

Over the past years, Food Design Solutions, located in the Food Tech Brainport building, has completed many beautiful projects. For example, they are very proud of the collaboration with the company Remkes, producer of chicken products. Food Design Solutions analyzed the total production process and used sustainable freezing and odor emission systems from DSI Dantech and Jimco.

Another valueable project is about disinfecting hatching eggs. Together with technology partner Jimco uv-c ozone technology, a technology has been developed that disinfects hatching eggs in a very effective and clean way (without hazardous substances).

The Future of Food Design Solutions

Food Design Solutions certainly expects strong growth in the deployment of innovative, environmentally friendly systems. “And we are happy to contribute to that!” says Ingrid van Deursen of Food Design Solutions. Perhaps our services will be expanded with some innovative systems.”

Would you like to know more about Food Design Solutions? View the partner page here.


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