Co-operation with Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling

7 May 2019

The foundation 'Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling' is an ecosystem of companies and public organizations that joined forces to achieve a common goal: Joining forces so the Netherlands will be the first country in the world that reduces food waste by half by 2030. To be a frontrunner and a world exame in achieving the sustainable development goal 12.3 'Together we make the Netherlands #wastefree'. 

The foundation has 2 focus areas; consumers and businesses. As a company you can take action by joining the the foundation als a stakeholder. And that is what we did. Food Tech Brainport is one of the founding fathers of the foundation and one of the many stakeholders. Our mission is 'without waste healthy food for everyone'.  Together with other stakeholders we participate in the foundation and participate in achieving our goal to reduce 'industrial' food waste by 2030. 

The number of stakeholders, solutions and partnerships is growing and therefore also the impact. 

If you want to know more about 'Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling', their projects, their challenge buy maybe also what you can do from home? Visit their website through the button below. 


Website Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling

Samen tegen voedeselverspilling Sustainable Food Initiative Brainport

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