Meet Tweety

18 May 2021

"Today I saw Tweety!" With these words, colleague Dirk van Ledden greeted us last week when he returned from an appointment. We are happy to share the beautiful story behind it with our network.

Dirk talks about his visit to Bakkerij Mariƫn, located in Balen, Belgium. A new colleague has recently started there: Tweety. Dirk is involved in the development of Tweety through his role in the Cotemaco project, a European project in which companies are encouraged to automate production processes. Tweety is a cobot: a robot intended to work with people.

Stay close to the craft

A baker wants to do what he is good at, stay close to his craft. This is also the case for the family business founded in 1958. A cobot helps the bakery to realize this. Tweety, the cobot owes its name to its color, contributes to a more efficient production process. Tweety takes over the tough, repetitive and monotonous tasks such as filling and placing baking trays in the oven carts. This leaves the bakery employees time to work on the quality of the products. In concrete terms: Tweety improves the ergonomics of the bakery, increases efficiency and limits food waste. A baker who can be busy with his profession again.

The origin of Tweety

Baker: a profession for which it is difficult to recruit people. That is why solutions are being sought to make the best possible use of the knowledge and craft of the bakers of the Belgian company. Cotemaco helped the bakery by thinking about process automation and connecting technological partners to the company. 

If we can help companies to set up a future-proof and efficient production process, we are very happy about it. We see, and most importantly, the bakery owners see that it really works. They benefit from it. 

More about Tweety or the Cotemaco project? Call or send an email to Dirk van Ledden.

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