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healthy, delicious food 
100% valorization
improving ingredients
the optimization of processes

Technology providers

We help technology providers with accelerated access to the market. 

Food processors

We support start- and scaleups and SMEs in the search for product and process optimization.

Research and talent

We work with educational institutions to continue to provide the food processing industry with talent.

Food processing facility

We offer a unique food processing facility where we offer entrepreneurs the space to pioneer and meet up.

Food Tech Brainport

With our network of technology providers, food processing companies and knowledge and research institutes, we work on a future proof food industry. We connect the food processing industry to innovative technologies, talent, research and funding.
Our focus areas are:


Without waste, healthy food for everyone.

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Success stories

Bite-sized oysters – a solution for consumers

The Yersex oyster grower and trader Adriaan van de Plasse of Delta Ostrea has been breeding consumer-friendly oysters for years.

Lazy Foods: developers of a pure, sustainable and tasty avocado spread

Guacamole. A product that has become very popular in the Netherlands in recent years. The freshest is the most flavorful.

Cooking from scratch in a bottle: Tanya’s Just Real

As a working, busy mom, in 2015, Tanya was looking for a way to serve healthy meals to her family. She developed recipes for healthy sauces with pure ingredients without additions.

Our projects

Food from Food


FOX (Food in a Box)

Paprika Cluster

PPP Residual flows

Biobased Innovations Garden

Discover our team members

Connects the industry with research and government
Connects the industry with high tech and data
Links (residual) flows to ingredients
Connects the industry to research and education
Ensures optimal use of resources

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