Test facilities 

Our test facilities on lab, pilot, and production scale are managed by top industry experts with direct links to universities and technology providers. In collaboration with partners, we offer the option to use test facilities. From small tests from a couple of hours or a day to small production runs. This way the most likely problems when scaling up are the past when being production ready!


1 day testing with Radio Magnetic Freezing can provide you inside in how much faster your fruit will freeze when compared with your industry numbers. We always will offer test equipment with an experienced operator and 1 hour of expert. 

Our onsite food grade test and production facilities:

  • ATFD on laboratory and test production scale.
  • RMF batch process.
  • HPP on test and production scale.
  • Membranes on laboratory, test, and production scale
  • Traditional spray dryers on pilot and production scale.
  • PEF on pilot production scale (from early 2020 onwards)
  • Much more... on request

Our facilities