As of July 2020, the collaboration between Elea, Food Tech Brainport and Bodec is a fact. 

PEF stands for Pulsed Electric Field. PEF is used for more efficient extraction of food ingredients from raw materials like vitamins, fibers, and proteins. This is realized by the perforation of cell membranes. By perforating the membranes it can improve other processes like drying, fermentation and extraction. Furthermore PEF is known as mild preservation technology. The PEFPilot™ provides the opportunity to treat solids as well as liquids. At Food Tech Brainport we have now the possibility to compare PEF with HPP!  

For many applications, this technique is still in an experimental phase. Food Tech Brainport and Bodec now offer the food processing industry access to this technology in a food grade environment and the opportunity to scale-up. Your products can really be tested in the marketplace. This way you can evaluate PEF for your production process and products without barely any risk.

By making knowledge, network and advanced technology available without large initial investment, Food Tech Brainport and Bodec contribute to an intelligent and sustainable food chain.

From July 2020, we offer the option to benefit from our PEF test facilities.

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